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Valentia Island lies in the western part of Ireland and is known for its natural beauty. Several authors have written about this island and here is a list of the books you can read.

Killarney to Valentia Island – A Walking Guide

By – Adrian Hendroff

In this book, the author has written about the raw beauty of the beautiful Valentia Island. The author discovered this island on foot and this book is an account of his adventurous journey.

The Iveragh Peninsula

By – John Crowley and John Sheehan

The Iveragh Peninsula is one of the most stunning landscapes of Ireland. This book will tell you about the history, culture, and people of this place. You will find maps that will help you to find routes to different nearby places.

Valentia – A Different Irish Island

By – Nellie O’Cleirigh

Valentia Island is a beautiful place in Ireland with a rich history and culture. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it had fishing, telecommunications and quarrying industries. So, people of different occupations used to live together in harmony. This book is an account of their lives.

You will learn more about Valentia Island by reading these books. You will be stunned by its history and natural beauty.